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In April, Executive Director Scott Steen explained the “why” and “why now” of the American Physiological Society’s rebranding. Below are excerpts from the speech he delivered at Experimental Biology to APS members.

"We need to tell a new story about the American Physiological Society and about physiology and its connection to other disciplines. A story about exploration and impact. About a global community of scientists who are creating the future and benefiting humanity. We want a brand that speaks to the dynamic process of scientific discovery, that puts the achievements of physiology and physiologists front and center; and that is bold, contemporary, and appeals to a new generation of scientists. From now on, you will see these themes increasingly in the way we talk about the society and the discipline.

And you will see it in the way we look."

New Brand

"Our new brand is not merely a logo or new look, but a new way of thinking about who we are and what we do. It starts with this statement: 'The American Physiological Society is a global leader in expanding knowledge related to biological function. The Society champions the importance of physiology for achieving breakthroughs in health, disease and our understanding of life. We connect a multidisciplinary community of scientists and educators from around the world, driving collaboration and spotlighting scientific discoveries in physiology and related disciplines.'"

New Logo

"To embody this change we have a new logo. There’s no simple way to represent the totality of physiology in a literal symbol. Our new, abstract mark is not only appealing and unique, it has an organic feel that suggests bodily function and organs as well as the lifeblood of the circulatory system.

As important, it represents the process of scientific discovery itself, how idea leads to idea and discovery leads to discovery."

What's In a Name

"While we fully expect you’ll still call us APS, we are using our full name because we want to bring the discipline to the forefront. This underscores one of our key goals for the rebranding effort." 

New Website

"The new state-of-the-art website is our commitment to providing our members and community with exceptional experiences. Mainly, this will be the place to showcase individuals and the discipline. We will increasingly be putting the spotlight on you, our members, on your work, and on the ways in which you are changing the world. So stay tuned for more exciting changes."