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TThe G. Edgar Folk Senior Physiologists Award was established in 1986 by students and colleagues of Professor Folk at the time of his retirement. The fund is designed to support the activities of Senior Physiologists. The G. Edgar Folk Senior Physiologists Award is presented to senior physiologists, 70 years or older, who no longer have grant funds available to them.

The award may be used for purposes such as attending a meeting of the Society to present a paper, engaging in a series of modest experiments, or completing a manuscript. The applicant must be an APS member. The award is given throughout the year with a recipient receiving up to $500 depending upon the need. The Senior Physiologists Committee assists in the selection of the recipient. The names of recipients are not made public.


Candidates must be an APS member who is 70 years of age or older.


Awardees are chosen by the Distinguished Physiologist Committee.

Applications are only accepted via online submission.


Award at a Glance

Award amount: $500

Application deadline: Accepted Anytime

Questions? Contact: Executive Office

Who can apply: APS members who are 70 years of age or older

Questions about an award or your application?

Please email us at awardshelp@physiology.org