The APS Medical Physiology Refresher Course is organized annually by the Physiology Educators Committee.

Below are links to resources from the three most recent courses from the APS annual meeting at Experimental Biology (EB).

2021: "Sleep Physiology and Sleep Disorders"

Sponsored by ADInstruments

The annual APS Refresher Course aims to provide updated lecture content for medical physiology instructors and material for non-specialists who have teaching responsibilities in specific content areas. The EB 2021 course titled “Sleep Physiology and Sleep Disorders” will review updates in teaching sleep physiology and related disorders. Four lectures will address a broad range of topics covered in medical physiology and will highlight new areas of interest to those teaching in these areas. Speakers include Bruce O’Hara, PhD; Josiane Broussand, PhD; Jason Carter, PhD; and Alul Malhota, MD. The 2021 Refresher Course will be held on Friday, April 23, 2021, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. EDT.

*Check back soon. Additional resources are forthcoming.

2020: "No Refresher Course"

Experimental Biology was canceled in 2020, no refresher course was held.

2019: “Beyond the Weight Room: The Importance of Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease”

Organized by Edward Merritt and John Durocher

The purpose of this refresher course is to provide content updates on skeletal muscle physiology with particular emphasis on updates regarding the role of skeletal muscle beyond strength and how it’s related to overall health and disease. Lectures cover a broad range of topics including teaching the etiology of metabolic disease from a mitochondrial bioenergetics perspective, skeletal muscle metabolism in the intensive care unit, active learning of skeletal muscle physiology, and age-related changes in skeletal muscle and looking at differences between females and males.

Speakers: Darrell Neufer (East Carolina University), Craig Porter (Shriners Hospital for Children), Steve Elmer (Michigan Technological University) and Anna Thalacker-Mercer (Cornell University)

  • *Darrell Neufer (East Carolina University)
  • *Craig Porter (Shriners Hospital for Children)
  • *Steve Elmer (Michigan Technological University)
  • *Anna Thalacker-Mercer (Cornell University)

*Check back soon. Additional resources are forthcoming.