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  • Portrait of Karla Haack, PhD

    Karla Haack, PhD Lecturer, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology, Kennesaw State University

    APS member since 2013
    Sharing the Joys of Physiology with Students

    Teaching physiology to the nurses and exercise scientists of tomorrow.

    Learn more about Karla's research.
  • Portrait of Ann Schreihofer, PhD, FAHA, FAPS

    Ann Schreihofer, PhD, FAHA, FAPS Professor, Department of Physiology and Anatomy, University of North Texas Health Science Center

    APS member since 1993
    Exploring the Brain Heart Circulation Link

    Understanding the brain’s role in regulating blood pressure in the arteries.

    Learn more about Ann's research.
  • Portrait of Jennifer Pluznick, PhD

    Jennifer Pluznick, PhD Associate Professor of Physiology, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    APS member since 2002
    Learning how Smell Receptors Affect the Gut

    Exploring the relationship between olfactory sensors and the gut microbiota.

    Learn more about Jennifer's research.

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