As an APS member, you drive our vital mission to advance science, understand life and improve health. The Society strives to keep you informed of the latest discoveries, assist you in your career and enable the highest level of collaboration with our growing community.

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Renew Online

To renew online, please select the "Renew My Membership" button below and log into your account. From there, pay your open membership dues order. If you do not see an open order in your account, please contact the Membership Department .

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by clicking “Forgot Password” on the account login page.

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Renew by Fax

To renew by fax, send your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card information to +1.301.634.7418. Be sure to include credit card number, the full name on the card and expiration date.

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Complete the Membership Contact Form or call +01.301.634.7171 to request bank wire transfer details.

If you need assistance with your renewal, please contact or call 301.634.7171.

Membership Dues Assistance Program

Has unemployment or other unforeseen financial hardship affected your ability to pay your membership dues? APS has established a membership fund, partially supported by the donations of current members, to assist you with your dues.

Confidential Membership Dues Assistance Application

Resource-restricted Countries

If you reside in a resource-restricted country as defined by the World Bank, you qualify for a reduced membership dues rate.

Countries and Rates

Multi-year Membership

1-2 years - no discount
3-4 years - 5% off per year for regular membership
5+ years - 10% off per year for regular membership

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Resource-restricted country rates are not eligible for multi-year membership.


Membership dues are nonrefundable, nontransferable, nor prorated. APS members can cancel their membership at any time, however, no portion of their membership dues shall be prorated or refunded.

APS membership is nontransferable and belongs to the individual, not the institution or corporation. Individual members may take their membership with them when they change employment. Members are responsible for updating their contact information with APS. This nontransfer policy also applies to institutional and corporate membership agreements.