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APS members work at the frontiers of science to advance our understanding of life and health. Their efforts are leading to treatments for the deadliest and most debilitating diseases affecting humans and enhancing our understanding of topics like genetics, neuroscience, obesity and sex differences. You can be part of this vibrant community.

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  • Portrait of Satish Rattan, DVM

    Satish Rattan, DVM Professor, Thomas Jefferson University

    APS Member Since 1999
    Exploring G.I. Motility and Therapy Targets

    Studying the underlying causes of gastrointestinal disease.

    More on Satish's research.

  • Portrait of Katie Johnson, PhD

    Katie Johnson, PhD Education Consultant and Founder, TrailBuild, LLC

    APS Member since 2008
    Helping STEM Educators improve how they teach

    Using evidence to inform educational excellence.

    More on Katie's research.

  • Portrait of David Poole, PhD, DSc, FACSM

    David Poole, PhD, DSc, FACSM Distinguished Professor and Coffman Chair for Distinguished Teaching Scholars, Kansas State University

    APS Member Since 1996
    Studying Oxygen Use and Delivery during Exercise

    Understanding the dynamics of blood-tissue oxygen transport during exercise.

    More on David's research.

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