APS diversity programs are designed to increase the overall participation of groups which are currently underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in the US.

Awards and Fellowships

APS offers a number of fellowships for trainees from underrepresented backgrounds:

These programs are designed not only to provide funding, but to also offer opportunities to build professional networks.

Importance of Diversity in STEM

Pamela Gunter Smith, President of York College in Pennsylvania and past Porter Committee Chairperson, talks about APS’ longstanding commitment to diversity.

Flagship Diversity Program

APS’ flagship diversity program is the Porter Physiology Development Fellowship. We recently caught up with some of our esteemed past fellows during the program’s 50th anniversary. Read more about their careers post-fellowship.

STEM Inclusion Study: Climate Report for APS

The first study of its kind, this NSF-funded project investigated the experiences of professionals from across STEM disciplines and industries to identify potential mechanisms of disadvantage at the interpersonal, organizational and professional levels. This climate report was prepared specifically for APS, thanks to our members who opted-in to participate. Read the report and recommendations.

Top Diversity Resources from our Experts