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In the modern era of physiology research, experimental systems are increasingly adapted to reflect human physiology and disease. This drive for change stems from the relative ease and widespread implementation of ‘-omics’ approaches—allowing for comparison between animal models and human data in curated, publicly-available databases—The mandate from funding agencies that experimental approaches and model systems be closely aligned with some aspect of human physiology, in either healthy or diseased state is another important factor to the existence our group. In response to these changing interests and adaptations, the American Physiological Society (APS) established the Translational Physiology Interest Group (TPIG) in 2010. The TPIG’s mission is to provide a platform for all APS investigators who are interested or engaged in translational research to interact with each other and the general public. In our first 10 years, TIPG has become the second-largest largest APS interest group. All APS members are encouraged to join our group and to be part of our mission. 

Steering Committee Members


  • Ethan J Anderson, PhD
    University of Iowa

  • Andreas M Beyer PhD
    Medical College of Wisconsin - MEB 4825
    Joint Program Committee Rep

  • Julie K Freed MD, PhD
    Medical Coll Wisconsin
    Trainee Advisory Comm Rep


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