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Water and electrolyte homeostasis (WEH) is essential for normal function across all physiological systems from cells, to organs, to whole systems. Therefore, APS members who affiliate with the WEH Section are interested in cross-cutting integrative research that does not adhere to a single organ-based subdiscipline of physiology.  Activities of the WEH Section are dedicated to both promoting integrative physiological research and developing and mentoring the next generation of scientists with a broad, cross-disciplinary view of physiology.


Steering Committee Members


  • Kathryn Sandberg, PhD
    Georgetown Univ.

  • Bina Joe, PhD
    University of Toledo
    Chair, Program Working Group

  • Aaron J Polichnowski, PhD
    East Tennessee State Univ

  • Daniel J Fehrenbach, PhD
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    Chair, Trainee Advisory Committee

  • David P Brooks, PhD, FAPS
    Brooks Pharma Consulting, LLC
    APS Fellows Committee Rep

  • Jasenka Zubcevic, PhD
    University of Toledo
    Councilor at Large Advancement

  • Meena S. Madhur, PhD
    Vanderbilt University
    Chair, Awards Committee

  • Rasna Sabharwal, PhD
    University of Iowa
    Committee on Committees Rep

  • Ahmed A Elmarakby, PhD
    Med Coll Georgia

  • Ana Taveiros Palei, PharmD, PhD
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Councilor At Large, Translational

  • Annet Kirabo, DVM
    Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Medicine Vanderbilt University
    Data Diuresis Session Chair

  • Cailin Kellum, BS
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Trainee Sub-Com Member

  • Carmen De Miguel, PhD
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Councilor at Large Parliamentarian

  • Carmen Hinojosa-Laborde, PhD, FAPS
    United States Army Institute of Surgical Research
    Fellowship Sub-Com Member

  • Corbin Anthony Shields
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Trainee Sub-Com Member

  • Denise C Cornelius, PhD
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Official Photographer

  • Gina LC Yosten, PhD
    Saint Louis University
    ex-officio AJP Regu Editor

  • Helmut B Gottlieb, PhD
    UIW, Feik School of Pharmacy
    Councilor at Large Historian/Communications

  • Jean F Regal, PhD
    University of Minnesota, Duluth
    Councilor at Large Membership

  • Jorge Fernando Giani, PhD
    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Awards Committee Co-Chair

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