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Maximize savings and unlock even more benefits!

This cost-saving APS membership option is available to degree- or nondegree-granting educational or research facilities that provide undergraduate, predoctoral or postdoctoral trainee programs in physiology or related disciplines.

Institutional group membership gives an entire division, department, program, lab, research team or university access to the benefits of APS membership. Each institutional group membership will save your institution money.


Group Membership Benefits

  • COMING IN 2024! Exclusive to group members: Showcase your lab or department's research through short videos shared with the scientific community across the globe.
  • Faculty, trainees and students gain access to the full suite of membership benefits.
  • Institutions receive reduced and complimentary membership rates (see rate structure below) with increased savings for larger group memberships.
  • Memberships are individual, and each person can engage to meet their own professional needs.
  • Receive a single group invoice to promote ease of access to benefits.
  • Membership is transferable. If an employee, trainee or student leaves the institution, a replacement membership can be added at no additional cost.
  • Institutional members may receive an additional 5% savings on American Physiology Summit registration.
  • Discount of 20% on the Graduate Physiology & Biomedical Science Catalog.
  • Receive recognition as an APS institutional group member with your logo on the APS website and a listing in various APS collateral.

Thank You to our Participating Institutions

Howard University
Texas A&M Univ
Kansas State Univ
Univ of Illinois
Wayne State Univ
University of Nebraska
Michigan State Univ
Univ of Oregon
Monash University
Univ of South Carolina

Rates and Criteria

The individual regular member rate is $220. Resource-restricted country rates are not eligible for group membership.
Group Membership 26+
Group Membership 16-25 members
Group Membership 10-15 members
*Additional American Physiology Summit registration savings only applies to regular or late rates. Sample estimated savings are based on the late registration rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the institutional group membership program?

Institutional group membership provides faculty with the benefit of an American Physiological Society (APS) membership at a discounted rate. In addition, each institution can manage their group membership with one annual invoice.

Is my department chair required to initiate a group membership?

No. Group membership can be initiated by any person with decision-making authority within the institution.

Some faculty, trainees or students are already members of APS, can they still be included in the group membership agreement?

Yes. Initiating a group membership requires a minimum number of new members. The agreement can include renewing members.

Can individuals in the group membership submit payment for their own dues?

Institutions receive a discounted dues rate for each membership with one invoice. As a result, we prefer one payment to be made directly from the institution.

Can the group membership payment be processed online?

No. Group memberships cannot be initiated online. Institutions must pay group membership either by check or credit card directly to APS. Contact a Membership team member to learn more about submitting payment.

Can I get a refund if my membership is already paid and I enroll in a group membership?

APS membership dues are not refundable nor transferable. However, with group membership refund exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can a group member be replaced with a new or renewing member?

Yes. Members in the group can be replaced when they have left the institution. The individual leaving the group is allowed to retain their membership until their term ends and can choose to renew on their own. The institution would be billed for the new individual.

I’d like to add an additional existing member to the group membership, but their membership expires in a few months. Does APS prorate dues?

No. APS does not prorate membership dues. However, additional members can be added. We would adjust the term dates to accommodate.

If I join a group membership, am I still considered an individual member?

Yes. Although you would be a part of the group agreement, your membership would still be considered individual. Each member in the group is contacted directly by APS confirming membership details.


Cost Comparison

Group Membership Cost Comparison

Need a little help convincing your department lead or chair that APS membership is right for your team? Download this cost comparison which details the huge savings that await your institution.


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