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American Physiological Society (APS) membership is open to individuals in education, research or industry as well as those pursuing a course of study in physiology, life sciences or related disciplines.

Our community of leaders connects people and ideas to create momentum towards future discoveries. Connect with colleagues and mentors that understand what you do and why you do it. Join APS today.

Regular ($220)

Open to scientists engaged in physiological work, related disciplines or those involved in the promotion of these disciplines. This includes researchers, educators and others who support the mission of the Society.

Trainee ($50)

Includes early-career professionals and postdoctoral fellows who are within 3 years of completing their terminal degree.

Open to any postdoctoral fellow or early-career professional who is working in physiology or a related field. Trainee members may remain in this category for up to three years after they complete their terminal degree.

Student ($25)

Includes graduate student, undergraduate student and postbaccalaureate membership.

Open to doctoral or master’s degree program students who are actively engaged in physiological work and actively enrolled undergraduate students with an interest in physiology. This category also includes those who have completed their baccalaureate degree within the last five years and have not yet entered a graduate program, but have an interest in physiology.

Emeritus (Complimentary)

Open to current members that wish to continue to be a part of the Society’s mission post-retirement. Must be a member in good standing for 10 consecutive years, retired from active employment and over the age of 65.

Institutional Group Membership

Institutional group membership is available to degree or non-degree granting educational or research facilities that provide undergraduate, predoctoral or postdoctoral trainee programs in physiology. This membership category can apply to a division, department, program, lab, research team or university. Learn more and receive your custom quote today.

"Getting involved in the American Physiological Society was important for our department and I thought it would put a few lines on my CV for promotion. What I didn't realize is that it exposed me to lifelong colleagues and friends with whom I have relied on for advice and mentoring as I progressed through the various stages of my career."

Janice Urban, PhD, FAPS, Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science

Emeritus Transfer Request

Emeritus membership is designed for current members who wish to continue to be a part of the Society’s mission post-retirement. You must be a member in good standing for a minimum of 10 consecutive years, over the age of 65 and fully retired from active employment.

Emeritus Transfer Request Form

Membership Dues Assistance Program

Has unemployment or other unforeseen financial hardship affected your ability to pay your membership dues? APS has established a membership fund, partially supported by the donations of current members, to assist you with your dues.

Confidential Membership Dues Assistance Application

Resource-restricted Countries

If you reside in a resource-restricted country as defined by the World Bank, you qualify for a reduced membership dues rate.

Countries and Rates

Multi-year Membership

1-2 years - no discount
3-4 years - 5% off per year for regular membership
5+ years - 10% off per year for regular membership

Request Multi-year Membership

Resource-restricted country rates are not eligible for multi-year membership.

Dual APS and ACDP Membership

The American Physiological Society and Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology (ACDP) are committed to advancing the discipline of physiology. Dual membership is available to both new and renewing members of either organization. Not only do Department Chairs receive an additional savings on their APS membership, but twice the valuable member benefits. Learn more and become a dual member today.

Refund and Transfer Policies

Membership dues are nonrefundable, nontransferable, nor prorated. APS members can cancel their membership at any time; however, no portion of their membership dues shall be prorated or refunded.

APS membership is nontransferable and belongs to the individual, not the institution or corporation. Individual members may take their membership with them when they change employment. Members are responsible for updating their information with APS. This nontransfer policy also applies to institutional and corporate membership agreements.