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Award at a Glance

Award amount: $300 + one year APS membership dues paid + an invitation to submit a Featured Topic for the following EB meeting + complimentary admission to the Section Dinner

Deadline: November 27

Questions? Contact: Carrie A. Northcott, PhD, Chair of the Awards Committee

Who Can Apply: Must be predoctoral student.


Award Description

The Section Awards Committee will judge the abstracts and select 3 finalists who agree to attend the EB meeting and make an oral presentation at the WEH Section Trainee Award Finalists Session. Finalists will be judged on their oral presentation and receive $300 and a complimentary ticket to the WEH Section Luncheon and Business Meeting.

The finalist with the top combined score from the abstract and oral presentation will receive the Predoctoral Research Recognition Award, an additional $300, one year APS membership dues paid and be invited to submit a Featured Topic for the following EB meeting under the direction of a steering committee member or the recipient of the WEH New Investigator Award. The winner will be announced and the finalists will be recognized with their cash prize at the WEH Section Luncheon and Business Meeting. All applications that are not selected for finalists will be considered for the WEH Section / AJP—Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Trainee Award, and the WEH Research Distinction Award.

  • Must be a predoctoral student. 


Required Materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae with a complete list of publications and abstracts
  • Abstract Number (submitted to a Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section topic category)
  • Abstract First Author’s Full Name
  • PDF of Abstract Submission
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s Full Name
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s email Address
  • Abstract Sponsor or Advisor’s Telephone Number

Recommended Reading Materials Available Online:


Predoctoral Research Recognition Award includes:

  • $600 ($300 for being a finalist + $300 for winning) the finalist compensation
  • One year APS Membership dues paid
  • Invitation to submit a Featured Topic for the following EB

WEH/AJP—Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology Trainee Award includes:

  • $250
  • Invitation to submit a mini-review to AJP—Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology journal

WEH Research Distinction Award includes:

  • Certificate
  • Complimentary ticket to attend the business luncheon the following year

Applications are only accepted via online submission.