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Award at a Glance

Award amount: $1,000, reimbursement of advanced registration fees to the American Physiology Summit 

Application deadline: November 10

Questions? Contact: Ann Marie Bocus, APS Sections Administrator 

Who can apply: APS members with primary NCAR Section affiliation who are graduate students and postdoctoral or clinical fellows or equivalent. 

Past Awardees

Award Description

The Neural Control & Autonomic Regulation (NCAR) Section Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award, made possible by APS strategic partner ADInstruments, recognizes a promising young investigator who has made a significant research contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation. The award is named for Michael J. Brody, PhD. 

Who Was Michael J. Brody?

Brody was a highly effective and respected educator and mentor, a leading figure in collegiate and university governance, and an internationally-honored scientist for his contributions to understanding the role of the central nervous system in the mechanisms of hypertension. 

Brody received many awards during his distinguished career, including the Okamoto Award (1987) and the CIBA Award for Hypertension Research (1990). The awards Dr. Brody valued most however were those he received for outstanding instruction from medical and other students. Brody mentored more than 20 doctoral students, more than 40 postdoctoral fellows and influenced countless others who passed through the University of Iowa graduate program. 


The applicant must:

  • be an APS member in good standing with a primary NCAR Section affiliation; and
  • be a graduate student (post-candidacy exams), postdoctoral or clinical fellow or equivalent within three years of completing their degree at the time of the application deadline. 

Applicants may apply to as many awards as they are eligible for, however, recipients may only accept one abstract-based award for the American Physiology Summit.  


The application package includes: 

  • copy of the first-author abstract of unpublished work to any appropriate NCAR topic at the American Physiology Summit; 
  • NCAR-specific biosketch (use only the NCAR biosketch form provided here), written by the applicant, that includes a one-page personal statement summarizing the applicant’s research contributions, a complete list of publications and abstracts (listed separately), and any grants, fellowships and awards; 
  • two letters of recommendation, including one from the applicant's advisor; 
  • documentation of the date of candidacy exam or degree; and 
  • verifiable documentation of the date of completion of the post candidacy exam (graduate students), including the month and year or the month and year of the doctoral degree program completion (postdoctoral applicant).  

Award selection will be based on current work reflected in the abstract, overall contributions to the field based upon the biosketch and letters of recommendation. 

The award recipient will present their abstract at the NCAR Awards Foundational Science oral and poster sessions at the American Physiology Summit, be recognized at the NCAR Section reception and business meeting and will be required to be present at the meeting to receive the cash prize. 

Applications are only accepted via online submission.