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Award at a Glance

Award amount: $500, and reimbursement of advance registration to the APS annual meeting, and a ticket to the annual banquet of the CV section.  

Application deadline: December 15

Questions? Contact: Huabo Su, PhD, Chair 

Who can apply: APS members (graduate students and postdocs)

Award Description

Research Recognition Award (RRAs) recognize outstanding research by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who present a first-author abstract at the American Physiology Summit. Applications are reviewed by APS section award committees.

The Cardiovascular Section will also be offering Steven M. Horvath RRAs to the top ranked applicant from an underrepresented racial/ethnic background.


The applicant must:

  • be a current APS member
  • be a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow/medical resident
  • submit a first-author abstract to the American Physiology Summit 

Please note that the applicant may only apply to the Section to which their abstract was submitted. There are no citizenship requirements for this award.

Application Materials Needed

The applicant must submit:

  • a copy of their abstract; and
  • a 1-page letter/statement to indicate applicant’s contribution to the research, the broader importance of the research, and a statement of the applicant’s research goals. This statement should be signed by the mentor.
    • Note: This document should have 0.8 inch margins, 11 point font, single-spaced and must be a PDF.
  • Biosketch (NIH or NSF format)

Note: Award recipients are only allowed to receive this award once as a graduate student and once as a postdoctoral fellow regardless of section affiliation.

Recipients may only accept one abstract-based award to the American Physiology Summit.


 Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed for the following:



  • A clearly stated hypothesis or aim
  • The technical approach to the study
  • The pertinent results obtained with quantitative and statistical comparisons, when appropriate
  • A clearly stated conclusion
  • The significance of the results to the field


    Letter from the applicant that addresses the following points (Note: This is not a letter of recommendation):

  • Role of applicant in research presented in the abstract
  • Broader importance of the research described in the abstract
  • Statement of applicant’s research goals
  • This letter/statement must be signed by the applicant’s mentor.


Biosketch career stage will be considered when reviewing and scoring



Applications are only accepted via online submission.