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Smart, complex, interesting, talented and so much more…APS members are fascinating, and not just because of the work they do. Our member magazine shines the spotlight on you.
September 2023


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Leading the Way
The Future Is Now
Unlocking Open Access

July 2023

The Physiologist Magazine. Art & Science. Usha Raj's need to know why led to a rewarding career studying pulmonary circulation. A photo of Usha Raj in front of a wall of framed art pieces.

In This Issue

Art & Science
Emotional Overload
Taking Its Toll

May 2023


In This Issue

Farm to Lab
Career Planning
Cracking the Code

March 2023


In This Issue

Hope and Healing
New Heights for APS
A Trip into the Future?

January 2023


In This Issue

Banking on Genetics
Where Are All the Postdocs?
The Menu Mystery

November 2022


In This Issue

Renaissance Researcher
How to Be a Great Ally
The Shape of Health

September 2022


In This Issue

Guided by Science
Stranger Things
Neurodiversity in the Lab

July 2022


In This Issue

Some Like it Hot
Survival of the Fittest
American Toxic

May 2022


In This Issue

Education Innovator
Class Appeal
Think Like a Physiologist

March 2022

TPM Cover March 2022

In This Issue

Driven by Discovery
The Elephant (and Mouse) in the Room
The Physiology of Pain

January 2022


In This Issue

Mastery in a Micro World
The Curious Case of Cannabis
Staying Afloat

November 2021


In This Issue

Insulin Turns 100
Leaders' Edge
Family Ties

September 2021


In This Issue

Healing the Lungs
Eyes Wide Open
The Remix

July 2021


In This Issue

A Runner's Quest
The Science of Hydration
The Gender Gap

May 2021


In This Issue

Learn by Heart
Science to Go
Do I Belong Here?

March 2021


In This Issue

Breaking Away
Brand You
Overworking Women

January 2021


In This Issue

Overhauling Education
Take a Deep Breath
Being Black in Science

November 2020


In This Issue

Human Cells, Not Prison Cells
An Eye on Diversity
Reconciling Legacy

September 2020


In This Issue

The Physiology of a Pandemic
The Physiology of COVID-19
Targeting Coronavirus

July 2020


In This Issue

Idle Labs
The World in Her Sights
Flying High
GI Success

May 2020


In This Issue

The Undergraduate Physiology Boom
Nurture Now
Trend Setters

March 2020


In This Issue

Race Against Extinction
Inside Grant Funding
Cravings, Control and Consequences

January 2020


In This Issue

Gene Screen
Fountain of Youth?
To Share or Not to Share

November 2019


In This Issue

Living in the Aura
Stressed Out
Entrepreneurial Endeavors

September 2019


In This Issue

The 'Now' Generation
Off Track
Up in Vapor

July 2019 Issue


In This Issue

Meet APS President Meredith Hay
2019 ACDP/AAMC Surveys
Sexual Misconduct in Physiology

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