Why should scientists get involved with advocacy?

Scientists need to ensure continued public support for biomedical research by making the case that this is a good investment of tax dollars.

You have credibility as a scientist. Scientists are uniquely qualified to explain their research, why it is important and why scientific research and training are in the national interest and therefore worthy of federal investment.

You have credibility as a constituent. Your members of Congress work for you, and they want to know what is on the minds of voters in their district. Members of Congress want to find opportunities to advocate for the concerns of their constituents and the needs of their district and state.

Advocates for other causes are constantly asking Congress to support them. Scientists need to speak up for research.

Advocacy 101


Early Career Advocacy Fellowship

An early career researcher makes her point while other scientists look on

Do you want to improve your outreach skills and learn more about science policy? Apply for our Early Career Advocacy Fellowship! This two-year program engages early career investigators in advocacy activities and provides them with skills to become long-term advocates for scientific research.

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