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APS is pleased to offer an assortment of resources to assist you throughout your career progression. At the trainee level, APS programs and fellowships provide opportunities for study, travel, and interaction with experienced physiologists. Educational materials offer tools to improve teaching and learning at both the graduate and professional levels.

Awards and Fellowships

APS and its 12 Sections provide numerous undergraduate student, graduate student and postdoctoral awards for excellence in physiology research, service and mentoring, for professional development, as well as to promote diversity in physiology.

Career Gateway

A successful scientific career requires more than just scientific expertise. To maximize a career in science, investigators, clinicians and educators need a well-rounded professional skill set, including leadership, management and intentional career planning. The APS Career Gateway provides physiologists professional development for every step of their career journey.

Career Resources

Get a jump start on your future by using career planning resources in the APS’ digital library. Select topics include:

Learning Resources

APS has developed extensive resources for graduate and professional education that can help trainees increase their knowledge of physiology, enhance their pedagogy and course content, and advance their teaching careers.

Trainee Symposium

The APS Trainee Symposium is organized annually by the Trainee Advisory Committee. Topics cover all issues relevant to today’s researchers, educators and trainees at all stages of their career.

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