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The Epithelial Transport Group (ETG) is interested in advancing the science of epithelial transport physiology and cell biology. ETG cuts across the boundaries of traditional organ system physiology to promote communication, training and collaboration amongst diverse epithelial scientists at all stages of career development. ETG fosters innovation and research excellence by showcasing the latest advances in the field. Since its organization in 1992, ETG has grown substantially and includes members from all of the American Physiological Society (APS) sections. Each year, the ETG selects two outstanding researchers to deliver a lecture on their state-of-the-art research at Experimental Biology (EB). The lectures honor the epithelial transport pioneers Hans Ussing and Steve Hebert respectively. The ETG steering committee selects the top EB abstracts in the field for oral sessions and poster award finalists. The group organizes an annual pre-EB meeting that is devoted to talks from trainees and junior investigators. It also serves as a venue for trainees and established investigators to network.


Steering Committee Members


  • Arohan R Subramanya, MD
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Chair and Chair, Program Working Group

  • Timo Rieg, PhD
    University of South Florida
    Past Chair and Councillor

  • Jessica Ann Dominguez Rieg, PhD
    University of South Florida

  • Owen M Woodward, PhD
    University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Brandi M Wynne, PhD
    University of Utah

  • Hanne Bjerregaard Moeller
    Aarhus University
    Councillor and News Letter Editor

  • Hui Cai, MD
    Emory Univ

  • Ina Maria Schiessl, ScD
    Aarhus University

  • Morag K Mansley, PhD
    University of Edinburgh

  • Susan E Birket
    University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Yasutada Akiba, MD

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