Researcher Awards

2023 AJP-Renal Paper of the Year Awardees

Andrew Orwick, Sopia M. Sears, Cierra N. Sharp, Mark A. Doll, Parag P. Shah, Leah J. Siskind. 
Lung cancer-kidney cross talk induces kidney injury, interstitial fibroisis, and enhances cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity 

2022 AJP-Renal Paper of the Year Awardees

Lauren G. Douma, Hannah M. Costello, G. Ryan Crislip, Kit-Yan Cheng, I.Jeanette Lynch, Alexandria Juffre, Dominique Barral, Sarah Masten, Emilio roig, Kevin Beguiristain, Wendy Li, Phillip Bratanatawira, Charles S. Wingo, and Michelle L. Gumz
Kidney-specific KO of the circadian clock protein PER1 alters renal Na+ handling, aldosterone levels, and kidney/adrenal gene expression 

2021 AJP-Renal Paper of the Year Awardees

Núria M. Pastor-Soler, Hui Li, Jessica Pham, Daniel Rivera, Pei-Yin Ho, Valeria Mancino, Biagio Saitta, and Kenneth R. Hallows
Metformin improves relevant disease parameters in an autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease mouse model.