Solutions for Educators

The Center for Physiology Education provides over 650 resources, webinars and community events to address the needs of physiology and life science educators. Learn how education professionals use these resources and events to meet their needs and how they engage with the Center. Also, check the Events Calendar to stay in the know with current Center happenings.

Are you:
New to teaching physiology?

Whether you are new to teaching, new to physiology or both, the Center has resources to help you become an effective physiology educator.

Meet and join in conversation with education experts at Center events.

Exploring how to teach with the core concepts of physiology?

Explore these resources to frame your course or curriculum around core concepts of physiology.

Discuss, with educators and experts, how to use the core concepts to teach physiology.

Advising students investigating different career paths?

Educators can explore and share these resources with students and trainees who are considering different career options.

  • Career Navigator: Learn about the different career opportunities that exist for physiologists.
  • Advising Resource Library: Develop an advising plan for students who want to pursue a career in health fields, research and beyond.
  • Job Board: Investigate current job postings for physiologists.
  • Career Gateway: Find professional development for different career paths.
Developing or redesigning physiology curricula?

Find resources to help educators and administrators tasked with designing curricula that are responsive to the demands of the changing landscape of physiology education.

Join in the discussion to learn how educators and administrators are developing or revising physiology curricula.

Seeking to enhance your physiology education research agenda?

Whether you are new to education research or want to build out your established research agenda, the Center has resources for you.