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Integrative Physiology of Exercise Is Going Virtual

This November, spend a week with hundreds of fellow scientists working in the exercise physiology field without leaving home. The American Physiological Society’s (APS) Integrative Physiology of Exercise (IPE) 2020 conference will be held on a virtual platform.

We are excited to present a program that will include opportunities for researchers to present research, network and hear presentations on a variety of exercise topics.

Registration will open soon. Sign up for informative updates.

Organized by Scott Trappe and Todd Trappe and other leading experts, the conference will feature:

  • new research in exercise and organ cross talk, connective tissue and exercise, astronaut health for a mission to Mars and performance-enhancing agents for health and athletic competition;
  • preclinical and clinical updates from the $200 million National Institutes of Health Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium initiative;
  • recognition of key historical milestones in exercise physiology, including the 100-year anniversary of August Krogh’s 1920 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work with capillary diffusion, a century of progress since A.V. Hill’s seminal foundation of VO2max, and the many scientific contributions of John Holloszy;
  • a focus on trainees and early investigators with presentation opportunities, a quiz bowl competition, awards and much more.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IPE has been forced to cancel our in-person meeting in Austin, originally scheduled for November 11–13, 2020. We hope you enjoy our virtual format.


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