Promoting Excellence in Teaching Physiology 

The new Center for Physiology Education is a destination where physiology educators and researchers can access exceptional curricular, pedagogical and career development resources and support. Developed by APS members, this community of excellence focuses on inspiring the next generation of scientists and will launch in 2022. New content will be added regularly. Join us to collaborate, engage and learn.

The Center for Physiology Education nurtures and promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of physiology by:

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The Five Themes of the Center

The Center for Physiology Education will be structured around five interconnected themes that promote excellence in physiology education. While the themes can stand alone, together they provide a comprehensive approach to advancing physiology education and learning.

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What Is the Center for Physiology Education?

We’ve created the Center for Physiology Education to empower and support physiology educators and researchers, enabling them to become effective mentors. It’s your 24/7 connection to fellow life science educators and a online gathering place where you can collaborate, engage and learn. APS education experts—who have a deep passion for science education and care about their students as much as you do—cultivate and refine the Center’s offerings on a regular basis.

When Will it Launch?

Just in time to plan for the 2022–23 academic year! The Center will launch in summer 2022 and new resources and features will be added regularly.