The American Physiological Society (APS) is committed to creating an environment where individuals can exchange ideas and be safe, accepted and respected. The Society’s dedication to research, education and the understanding and betterment of life requires that we embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment with opportunities for empowerment of all. Embracing diversity means recognizing bias and cultural stereotypes and working to change mindsets. APS pledges to increase the participation and visibility of underrepresented groups. APS asks all members and staff to take a stand for change; to commit to inclusion, respect, and equality; and to foster the open-mindedness that is the staple of discovery, creativity and a better future for all.

APS has developed nine core values to ensure the support of its members and staff and a professional culture that has zero tolerance for sexual harassment:

Dignity. APS members and staff pledge to treat others with dignity and respect; members can expect the same treatment in return.

Inclusion. Fostering a diverse scientific community requires that people of all backgrounds and origins be fully welcomed in all endeavors of the Society.

Voice. APS is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment in which members and staff feel empowered to use their voices to affirm the Core Values and advocate for their peers and colleagues without fear of retribution.

Equity. The Society will work to ensure that all members have the opportunity to wholly participate in APS activities.

Respect. Respect allows APS members to appreciate the best in each other. Respect means trusting that all APS members are committed to fulfilling their duty as professional scientists and educators and that each member has something valuable to contribute. Self-respect is a vital component of APS’ core values, which results from knowing that a best effort has been put forth.

Stewardship. APS members are expected to display professional responsibility in all of their activities: research, mentorship, leadership and teaching future scientists.

Integrity. The integrity of the Society’s membership fosters trust in APS as an organization. Members are committed to doing what is right, legally and morally. Integrity means adhering to moral principles and requires that APS members do and say nothing that deceives others.

Trust. Transparency and open communication are fundamental to all professional and interpersonal relationships.

Yes-minded! APS members should have a positive and accepting attitude toward promoting all of the APS Core Values. APS believes that positive change is achievable and will tirelessly work towards it. APS says Yes to the challenges as the growth and advancement of our society and the scientific community depends on it.