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Physiology is a broad area of scientific inquiry that focuses on the biological function of living organisms. Today, physiology could not be more important. In fact, physiology is essential to answering virtually every critical question facing us in our understanding of life, health and disease.

Mission: Why We Exist.

Empowering scientists to understand life and improve health by advancing and communicating discoveries in physiology and medicine.

Vision: The Future We Want to Create.

Physiology is foundational to advancing scientific discovery in the life sciences.

About APS

Founded in 1887, the American Physiological Society is a global leader in expanding knowledge related to biological function. We connect a multidisciplinary community of nearly 10,000 scientists and educators from around the world, driving collaboration and spotlighting scientific discoveries in physiology and related disciplines. Our members are advancing treatments and cures for everything from cancer and heart disease, to obesity and addiction. They are also deepening our insight into living organisms generally, helping us to better understand how things like climate change are affecting the world around us.

The Society serves this dynamic community in many ways, including:

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