APS Live: EB Featured Topics is happening the week of May 25, 2020. We're excited to kick off our week of webinars covering featured topics and professional development programming previously scheduled for presentation at the 2020 American Physiological Society (APS) annual meeting at Experimental Biology (EB). These sessions will only be available live, so register now to secure your spot.

APS’s annual meeting is held every spring in conjunction with the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting. Five societies (APS, AAA, ASBMB, ASIP and ASPET) jointly sponsor EB. The result is an interdisciplinary, biomedical and scientific meeting featuring a robust lineup plenary and award lectures, symposia, oral and poster sessions and career-building activities, plus an exhibitor showcase of scientific equipment, supplies and publications. 

Find more information on APS Experimental Biology website.

Future Meetings

EB 2020—San Diego—April 4–7  CANCELED
EB 2021—Indianapolis, Ind.—May 1–4
EB 2022—Date and location to be determined
2023—A New APS Annual Meeting


How to Submit a Symposium or Featured Topic Proposal for APS Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2021

The American Physiological Society Sections/Interest Groups (S/IG) select sessions to represent their areas of interest at Experimental Biology. Session organizers should first contact the Joint Program Committee Representative most closely aligned with the session topic to determine that unique deadlines for the appropriate S/IG. All finalized sessions must be received by APS by May 1 the year prior to the meeting.

Title     Type    Size
Experimental Biology 2021 Symposium Form     docx     683 KB     Download
Experimental Biology 2021 Featured Topic Form     docx     682 KB     Download
Experimental Biology Session Programming Guidelines     pdf     112 KB     Download