A list of upcoming meetings from related organizations. To have your meeting posted to this page, please e-mail the following details to the APS Webmaster:

  • Meeting dates
  • Meeting title
  • City, State, Country of Meeting
  • Contact information

Meetings are listed chronologically.


October 15-19
XXVI World Congress of Neurology, Montreal, CANADA
Information: https://wcn-neurology.com/ 

October 30-November 2
The ACRM 100th Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
Information: Internet: https://conference.acrm.org/ 

November 1-4
10th Federation of the Asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies (FAOPS) Congress, Daegu, KOREA
Information: Email: faops2023@gmail.com; Internet: https://www.faops2023.org/index.php 

November 14
Diabetes and Cancer Interface Symposium: Connecting the Dots, VIRTUAL
Information: Email: ConnectingtheDots@coh.org; Internet: https://www.cityofhope.org/research/riggs-institute/dmri-events-education/annual-diabetes-and-cancer-interface-connecting-dots-symposium