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The American Physiological Society values diversity. Embracing diversity means recognizing bias and cultural stereotypes and working to change mindsets. APS is committed to creating an environment where individuals can exchange ideas and be safe, accepted, and respected. The Society’s dedication to education and to the understanding and betterment of life requires that we embrace diversity and create opportunities for empowerment of all. 

In light of recent racist events, global protests against racism and the history of racial inequity in the U.S., APS issued a statement detailing our short- and long-term plans to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the Society and in the scientific community on the whole.

APS Stands Against Racism

No Room for Racism

APS pledges to increase the participation and visibility of underrepresented groups. We ask all members to take a stand for change; to commit to inclusion, respect, and equality; and to foster the open-mindedness that is the staple of discovery, creativity, and a better future for all.

We Want to Hear from You


APS Is Here to Listen

We are working on a long-term diversity, equity and inclusion roadmap and value your input. Share your story or suggestions for resources you need in your workplace and from APS here.
Please note that any information you share with APS staff via this form will be confidential.