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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series
WEBINAR SERIES—Neurophysiology: Exploring Basic Research and Clinical Consequences Series
December 6, 2023; January 17 and 24, 2024
11 a.m. EDT

This webinar summarizes the integrative physiology of responses to exercise-induced heat stress and discusses implications for athletes and the military.

SPARC Webinar - 200x200WEBINAR—SPARC Tools for Integrative Physiological Modeling
December 12, 2023
4 p.m. EST

In this webinar, Maryann Martone, PhD, and Peter Hunter, PhD, will explore the SCKAN knowledge base, SPARC Knowledge Graph and the potential uses of the portal for the wider range of physiological processes. The interactive program will allow the audience to discuss ways in which the portal may be developed to meet the needs of integrative physiological modeling.

Applying and Adapting to the Life Sciences Industry 200x200WEBINAR—APS Applying and Adapting to the Life Sciences Industry
December 19, 2023
11 a.m. EST

This panel discussion will provide physiologists with perspectives from industry leaders on exploring career opportunities in the life sciences industry.

SCIREQ Lung Fibrosis - 200x200WEBINAR—Developing Reproducible Small Animal Models to Better Reflect Lung Fibrosis Pathophysiology
January 11, 2024
11 a.m. EST

In this webinar, Elizabeth Redente, PhD, will share insights for the study of pulmonary fibrosis using murine models. Redente will also discuss the occupational model of silicosis and analytical methods to examine pathophysiology outcomes including pathology, lung physiology using flexiVent, microCT analysis and oxygen saturation.

CPE Technolgy Series - Labster - 200x200WEBINAR SERIES—Engaging the Physiology Classroom: Insights from a Professor’s Journey
January 16, 2024
11 a.m. EST

In an era where student engagement is more challenging than ever, Christina Alevras, EdD, from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut, will share her insights and strategies for invigorating the modern physiology classroom.


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